Automatic Diary

Captures all those special moments and events of your life - forever


Automatic Diary

Captures all those special moments and events of your life - forever




Automatically log times and places

Privacy & Security

Store data only on your iPhone


Activities, photos, friends, events

Set & Meet Goals

Spend time on activities you really care about


Minimal battery use



Look up when you last had coffee with a friend. Is it time to catch up again?


Monitor how often you went to the gym


Track how often you provide service calls or customer visits

Time Management

Review time spent on activities you care about


Re-experience your trip and the restaurants you explored


Uses From Our Customers

Lost Key

I lost my car key sometime over the weekend. I use DayPath to trace all the places that I've been to look for it. As it turns out, I left it at the gym at my apartment complex. I finally got it back from the apartment lost and found service.

Police Report

Something was stolen from my car yesterday and I have to file a police report on all the places I have been that day. DayPath came in handy as I was able to report the exaxt place and time.

Where was it?

Last weekend we passed by a farmer market and decided to stop by. We had a lot of fun. However, we wanted to go back again this weekend but don't remember where it was. Thanksfully, we have DayPath. We looked it up and found the exact location.

House Hunting

I am looking for a house to buy. Each time I visit a house, I took a picture and write notes about my impressions with DayPath.

Personal Goal

I made a personal goal to be at the office before 9am everyday. I use DayPath to see how often I met my goal.

Rental property

I have a rental property and would like to know how often I have to be there to maintain and clean the place. DayPath comes in handy to tell me how often I had spend time there.


I am a blogger and often share interesting places and experience. I use DayPath everyday to review where I've been and select things to share.